Appeared in Kazan organization "Fair housing""

Appeared in Kazan organization In the Republic of Tatarstan started the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers "Fair housing". This organization was founded to fight with management companies who break the law, cheat the common people and monthly arbitrarily increase the invoice for utility services. According to WEBEPG of the Ministry over the past year, crime in housing and communal services increased 2 times in total damages caused by the illegal acts amounted to 23 million rubles, according to an official release.The first public organization for the protection of consumer rights "Fair housing" today holds in many cities of the Republic of neighbourhood meetings, meetings of activists with the tenants of houses.Thus, the sphere of activity covers all the problems associated withsuch questions as:- overhaul and opening a special account at home- accruals under article household needs- surveying the territory- creation of a Council block of flatsSuch an information meeting aimed at solving the problems of housing, it is planned to conduct daily in the courts, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Elabuga, Almetyevsk, in Chistopol. Come to a meeting of the citizens in addition to important and relevant information can alsoget prepared with public organizations special "cases" (sets of required documents). In these documents, each resident will find the answer to questions clearly and correctly painted thatto do in any given situation, if you are faced with the problems of housing.Our "equitable assignment" will be for many a powerful weapon against unfair management companies. To protect your home we can only do it together! If You are tired to endure the housing and communal mess, if You don't want to feed another of the criminal code, if You are willing to defend their rights, Fair housing" ready to help you for free, " reads the release.OUR PUBLIC OFFICEShe Kazan:Butlerov street D. Read more -->

24 may be held in Kazan "crawlers Race"

24 may be held in Kazan "crawlers Race"In Kazan on may 24 at 11: 00 in the exhibition "World of childhood" will be "crawlers Race. The event will take place with the assistance of the regional public charity organization "Mothers of Kazan".Rules "race" is simple: the kids from 6 to 9 months crawling on special tracks at speed. Parents and chaperones can encourage their crumbs and to guide them in the right direction, but to touch kids hands-Smoking, reports the press service of the Ministry of sport and tourism of RT.To participate in the event parents or representatives of participants pre-registered on the website or by e-mail: zabeg@paramed. . . . Read more -->

62 treatment of parents on the facts of extortion in kindergarten enrolled in Tajikistan in 2013

62 treatment of parents on the facts of extortion in kindergarten enrolled in Tajikistan in 2013In 2013 in the Republic of Tajikistan has received 62 applications from parents of preschoolers on the facts of extortion. Most of them have to Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk and Almetyevsk. About it at the enlarged session of the Collegium of the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of education and science Engel Fattakhov."Currently, we have initiated litigation in the three heads of kindergartens," said he.According to E. Fattakhova one of them (Nizhnekamsk) there is a judicial decision. Fails to consider the heads of DOE No. 62 of the Kirov district of Kazan and DOE "Batyr" Buinsk district."All corruption will be severely discouraged, stressed E. Read more -->

Feofilaktova of "House-2" feeds son in restaurants

Feofilaktova of Razbivatelja hearts Eugene Feofilaktova, one of the brightest members of the controversial TV show "Dom-2" one and a half years ago she married her beloved Anton Gusev. 6 months after the wedding, Jane gave birth to her son Daniel.Parents Guseva always belonged to this Union skeptical, despite the assistance of the young. After the birth of his grandson mother-in-law insisted on the procedure of DNA to his grandson, to establish the fact that the true paternity. Eugene this fact angered to the depth of dose and she has stopped communicating with my mother Anton. Anton was also against the procedure, because, in his opinion, the similarity with Daniel in the face.Parents pampered in every way boy and go with him to restaurants. Many fans are outraged, why take the child with him and feed him a strange food? Once again they accused the star in contempt for the boy: "She that homes did not prepare?", "Why feed the child it is not clear what kind of food?" - they write, knowing that the little Daniel is close to all sorts of diseases, especially gastritis. Read more -->

Daughter Renata Litvinova growing real beauty

Daughter Renata Litvinova growing real beauty12-year-old Juliana, the daughter of a famous actress Renata Litvinova from his second marriage with businessman Leonid Dobrowski, already familiar to the public work model. In 2011, she went to the podium, dressed in fur, together with one of the professional models. "I was very nervous, afraid to let the mother, - shared his impressions of the girl with her father, who also was the honorary guest of the show. "We rehearsed a lot, but his knees were still shaking. Adult model helped me a lot, explained everything and helped to do everything correctly".Renata Litvinova does not like to talk much about his personal life. However, in an interview, she admitted that she decided to leave her daughter without money. Read more -->

Where can I find love in the big city?

Where can I find love in the big city?The captain of the "Flying Dutchman" Turner was able to land on the shore only once in ten years. Brave sailor had spent on land not more than one day, but Elizabeth Swan was patiently waiting for this moment. The lovers were together just before sunset, and their happiness knew no bounds. As a tiny island in the depths of the ocean began to will and Elizabeth the mother place on the planet!May be so significant places for their hearts are in Kazan? The romantic quest began amorous agent "Komsomolskaya Pravda"!ON THE BENCHIn winter, this bench is better to sit in only the most loving hearts!Photo: Alexander AKININAnna and Sergey met recently, but the arrows of Cupid forced to fight their heart in a single beat! Despite the cold, the lovers could spend hours walking through the city streets, looking at funny hats passengers in the red buses or simply warm a Cup of hot chocolate in the nearest cafe. Today Sergey invited the girl into a small Park on the street in St. Petersburg. Read more -->

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